Committed to

Committed to

In light of its mission and a spirit of mutuality, FTEAP commits to:

1. Initiating and facilitating consultations/conferences/institutes/publications that seek not only to enhance the mission and ministries of theological schools and institutions in Asia and the Pacific, but also to enrich global theological education.

2. Supporting and serving as a catalyst for theological education that engages the contexts of Asia and the Pacific and is responsive to the conditions and global structures that shape those contexts.

3. Advocating with denominations that are represented on the Board and their respective theological schools and institutions for the provision of funds and human resources for innovative programs in theological education in Asia and the Pacific.

4. Equipping Christian individuals and communities theologically to support competent and creative leadership in response to the challenges and opportunities in their respective contexts; and

5. Funding programs/schools in Asia and the Pacific annually.

FTEAP understands that contextual theological education should be pursued through consistent dialogue and engagement with the experiences, perspectives and lived realities of people, especially of those on the margins and those resisting the forces of marginalization. Contextualization in Asia-Pacific involves active engagement with rapidly changing social realities, including religious pluralism and multifaith identities, shifting social structures and economic systems, a global pandemic, ideological trends such as fascism and nationalism, secularization, the development of artificial intelligence, and more.